Why Choose Nursing?

The field of nursing could be the career for you

If you are thinking of starting a new career, have you ever considered nursing? There are many types of nurses and many ways to get into this field. You can train for an entry level position like a nursing assistant, study a little longer to become a practical nurse, earn a degree as a registered nurse, or even go for the level of nurse practitioner. The choice is yours.

What are some of the reasons people choose nursing? The field of nursing can be a good career choice for people who are interested in the field of healthcare. And there is a wide variety of benefits that can come from this career choice. Consider these advantages:

You can grow with this field
The field of nursing has many different levels of training and education. If you are not ready to enroll in a college degree program, you can start out smaller with a non-degree program. There are short, non-degree programs for becoming a home health aide, nursing assistant, patient care technician, or practical nurse. The next step up would be a registered nurse, which requires an associate’s degree program. As time goes on, you can decide to go back to school to earn a higher degree.

There are options to specialize
The field of nursing encompasses so many different specialties. You may have opportunities to explore different areas, such as pediatrics, cardiology, family medicine, cardiology, emergency medicine, or geriatrics. There’s something interesting for everyone.

Nurse schedules can fit into your lifestyle
Because healthcare facilities are open 24-hours, nurses and other healthcare professionals are needed around-the-clock. It is likely that you will work 12-hour shifts. Long shifts can be tiring, but they can also free up the rest of your week. For instance, if you work three 12-hours shifts three days in a row, you might have the next four days off.

Nurses get to know patients
Compared with other healthcare positions, nurses tend to have opportunities to get to know their patients. They often spend more time with their patients than doctors do. Nurses who work in long-term care facilities have weeks, months, or years to get to know their patients. This can be a gratifying part of the job.

Nurses are everyday heroes
Nursing is a truly respectable field where people appreciate the hard work you do. It’s not everyone who can say that they help other people every single day on the job!

If you think you want to learn more about nursing, try Frequently Asked Questions about Becoming a Practical Nurse. Who knows? A nursing career could be in your future!


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