Where Do Licensed Practical Nurses Work?

A Practical Nurse career offers opportunities for variety!

where practical nurses work

Practical nurses are expected to work in a variety of settings. Luckily, most practical nurse training programs prepare you for work in many different environments. Each setting is different and requires you to take on varying tasks and even care for many different age groups.

Here are some locations where Practical Nurses may work:

Hospitals: According to the All Nursing Schools blog, hospitals are fast-paced environments where practical nurses may work in emergency rooms, maternity wards, or assist Registered Nurses (RNs) and physicians during surgeries. Hospitals can be a good place to learn more about nursing, because practical nurses are sometimes given advanced responsibilities in some areas.

Home Health Care Services: As the large population of baby boomers ages, home health care field is expected to grow by 38% according to the Occupational Outlook Handbook. In Home Health Care Service jobs, practical nurses assist patients directly in their own homes while educating family members on proper care. They will not only work with the elderly, but with people recovering from accidents, serious illnesses, or those with disabilities.

Physician offices: Physicians’ offices are much quieter and low-key than hospitals. Practical nurses may maintain medical records, assist in small surgeries, schedule patient appointments, and help assist patients before exams.

Nursing facilities: With over 75 million baby boomers nearing the retirement age, a prominent work environment for practical nurses are nursing facilities such as senior homes. They may provide basic nursing care, maintain medical records, and develop treatment plans as they assess their patients’ health.

Travel nursing: If you want more freedom and the ability to explore different parts of the country, then a travel nurse may be the profession for you. Travel nurses might find themselves working in small towns or remote locations where services are highly needed. They are often put in places with nursing shortages or during an emergency situation. A quick search online will turn up organizations that list temporary jobs for travel nurses.

To become a practical nurse, you can apply for a practical nurse training program where you can learn a variety of coursework including infection control, pharmacology, pediatric and geriatric care, amongst other classes. The training program at The Salter School of Nursing takes around a year to complete and provides students with the opportunities for hands-on job training.

If you’re looking for a field where you can give back and create lasting bonds with patients then The Salter School of Nursing and Allied Health may be the right answer for you.

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