What to Wear to an Interview — for Men

How men should dress on job interviews!

If you’ve recently scheduled a healthcare job interview, you’ll be starting the preparation process for your big day. Rehearse responses to mock questions so you can feel confident for your job interview. However, you’ll also want to dress appropriately so you can feel professional…and impress your interviewers! Looking sharp during your interview helps you come across as responsible, competent, and well-organized. During healthcare job interviews, it’s especially important to show that you are put together, since you need to provide health safety and stay organized during a typical work day.

If you’re a man, here are three tips to consider when picking out your interview attire:

1. What to wear

  • Wear a business suit with a three-button jacket. Professional suits are the standard attire for job interviews.
  • Make sure your suit fits well. Get it tailored if it looks loose or unkempt.
  • Get a suit that is modern. Try shopping at consignment stores or borrow a suit if you don’t have a lot of money to spend.
  • Wear a dark suit to appear professional. Black, navy blue, or grey suits are usually good choices.
  • During your interview, button the two lower buttons when standing up and unbutton your jacket when you sit down. This is considered an old social standard of gentlemanly behavior for when men are in polite or professional company.
  • Wear a one-toned dress shirt. Pick a solid color like white or light blue. Remember to iron your shirt. If you want it to look crisp, try using spray starch. Hang it up before your interview day!
  •  If you can’t find a suit, wear a plain white shirt with dress pants instead. Remember to iron both.
  • Try your interview outfit on before your big day. Ask family members and friends if you look appropriate. They may have tips or suggestions for you to look your best. Lay out your outfit the night before your interview so you’re prepared for the next day.

2. How to handle accessories

  • Wear a plain tie and a dark belt.
  • Wear dark shoes that cover your ankles and legs. Socks should cover skin when sitting down.
  • Don’t wear jewelry. If you have a chain or earrings, leave them at home. It’s best to look simple and understated for your interview. Wearing jewelry can cause you to look too flashy. Healthcare workers usually need to avoid wearing jewelry or piercings for the safety of their patients.
  • Cover up your tattoos. They can distract an interviewer from your personality and professional demeanor. After you get a job offer, ask your potential employer about their dress code.
  • Oxford, loafers, or wingtip style dress shoes are all appropriate to wear on your interview.
  • Head hair and facial hair should be neatly trimmed. Plan on getting a haircut a few days beforehand. Stubble appears sloppy and unprofessional.
  • Don’t wear cologne to your interview. Some people dislike the smell. As a healthcare professional, it can trigger a patient’s allergies. Instead, wear non-scented deodorant.

3. Essential items to bring

  • Carry a folder or binder with three to five copies of your resume and cover letter. You should also bring copies of your references and a list of questions to ask your interviewer. Don’t forget to bring a pen and a blank piece of paper. As you ask your potential employer questions about the job, you can write down important information that you may need to know.
  • Turn off your cell phone during the interview. Don’t be rude by scrolling through your phone or answering a call. While you wait for your interviewer, make sure to sit up and mentally prepare yourself without your phone. Avoiding your phone makes you look more serious and proper.
  • Bring breath mints so your breath smells good!

Congratulate yourself on getting a job interview. This means that a potential employer is impressed with your skills and experience. All you need is to follow these tips so you can feel confident and professional! Salter Nursing wishes you good luck on your job interview!


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