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Work Wardrobe Mistakes That Are Easy to Avoid

wardrobe mistakes to avoidWhy show up at work looking less professional than you are?

A good professional appearance can serve you well in your career. It shows self-respect and that you take seriously what you do and where you work. But with our hectic schedules, it’s easy to overlook some of the details of a proper work wardrobe.

Fortunately we’ve got some reminders for you, to keep you looking your best.

Taming the mane (or facial hair)
Be sure that you’re keeping your hair under control—and not just washed and brushed. Use some styling product to keep it in place, if needed. This goes for beards, mustaches, and goatees as well!

Glasses full of smudges
It only takes a minute to wet the lenses of your glasses (water is better than nothing) and use a microfiber cloth to wipe them clean. You’ll see better, and look like you’re professional and pulled together.

Scrubs that are worn-out or ripped
Donate them or toss them. No one wants to see evidence that they’ve seen better days.

Shoes in need of a shine
Leather shoes need a little attention, and if you wear them every day, you might not notice how dusty, dull, or dirty they look. Get some shoe polish and a brush and give them the once-over.

Not-so-fresh makeup
Mascara and eyeliner that you woke up in aren’t what you should still have on when you arrive at the office. Keep some eye makeup remover handy—in the car, even—and make sure you get rid of yesterday’s look before you show up for today’s workday.

Accessorizing to the hilt
You don’t need five rings, three necklaces, and multiple rows of earrings. Keeping is simple looks better and won’t get in the way of your work.

Nails that need attention
Even if you showered earlier in the day, mundane tasks before work can make your nails look grubby. Get a nailbrush and give them a once-over before you leave for the office.

Wearing your hair band as a bracelet
If you have long hair and know you might want to tie it back at some point during the day, keep those hair ties in your purse or in your desk—not on your wrist. It’s an amateur move that makes you look like a kid in class.

Most of these are a quick fix, and well worth the time! A little investment in how you look can keep you feeling confident on the job. And that’s key to doing your best as well!


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