Top 5 Reasons to Appreciate your Teachers and Instructors

Teachers do a lot more than you may know!

For anyone who has ever been a student—and that’s almost everyone—let’s take a moment to remember and appreciate the teachers who have helped shape our education and our lives. Whether you are a student now, or whether you have to think back many decades, it’s important to reflect on our teachers and their dedication to helping their students succeed.

Here is our top 5 list of why you should appreciate your teachers and instructors, courtesy of the Salter School of Nursing and Allied Health, where our instructors give their all to educating our students.

1. Teachers care about all of their students
Teachers are passionate about their jobs. They care about their students and want to help them succeed. They enjoy the process of teaching a new subject and seeing those “light bulbs” go off in students’ mind when they understand a new concept. They want to help all students, from the straight-A learners to the students who struggle every day.

2. Teachers work hard
Teaching is more than just showing up to class. Teachers put in a tremendous amount of time preparing for classes, grading homework, writing exams, grading exams, attending staff meetings, going to conferences and trainings, helping students who need extra help, and the list goes on. Teaching is hard work!

3. Teachers do double-duty
It’s one thing to know a lot about a subject, but to be able to teach that information takes a special kind of person. Teachers are expected to stay up-to-date with current developments in their subject areas. They are expected to be experts in their fields. And at the same time, they attend professional development trainings and continuing education courses to improve their teaching. It’s almost like two jobs in one!

4. Teachers are great at being adaptable
Teachers are masters of being flexible and adaptable. No matter how carefully they plan out lessons, it’s impossible to predict what may happen in the classroom. A fire drill might go off in the middle of a lesson. Students might have questions that delay the next activity. The school’s technology might go on the fritz right when they are preparing a slideshow. Teachers are great at “rolling with the punches” and making the most out of every lesson.

5. Teachers think outside the box
Trying to get a classroom of students to learn something is not easy. Everyone learns in different ways, and teachers have to be creative in coming up with ways to reach so many different learners. They aren’t afraid to try new approaches or new techniques. They strive to constantly improve their teaching in order to help each and every student.

Bonus reason…

Teachers are great at remembering names!
When teachers are in charge of a classroom, they have to learn all of the students’ names and learn them quickly. If they teach multiple classes, they may have to learn hundreds of names in one school year. Teachers are great at this. What do you think…Could you memorize that many names?

We hope this article has shined a light on the many impressive qualities that our teachers and instructors have. And next time you see your instructors, you just might want to tell them how much you appreciate them!


The Salter School of Nursing and Allied Health in Manchester, NH appreciates all of our teachers for their hard work and dedication to our mission. For more information about our nursing school, visit us online.

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