Tips for Getting a Fresh Start During Back to School Season

It’s almost September! Are you ready?

If you go to a shopping mall, you can’t help but notice it is back to school season. College kids and young families are walking around with lists in their hands trying to gather everything they need for the coming school year. What about you? Do you have plans for September? Here are some tips for freshening up your own life this month.

  • Clean out your closets. Get rid of any clothing you haven’t worn in the past year and donate it to a good cause.
  • Check your smoke detectors. Make sure you have up-to-date batteries in your smoke detectors and that the “test” button works.
  • Give blood. Donating blood can truly help save a life. Look up your local Red Cross blood donation hours and consider becoming a donor.
  • Get your eyes checked. When’s the last time you got new contacts or new glasses? It may be time for a new prescription.
  • Go to the dentist. Do you keep up with your dentist appointments every 6 months? Regular appointments are important to help avoid plaque buildup on your teeth and to keep your teeth and gums healthy.
  • Try a new recipe. Lots of us tend to fall into a routine of preparing the same types of meals over and over. Find a recipe site that you like, and try something new!
  • Get back in touch with an old friend. Is there anyone you haven’t heard from in a while? Shoot them a text just to tell them you’re thinking of them.
  • Go to your local library. When’s the last time you visited a library? It can be peaceful and relaxing to spend some time in a library, and you may even find that you want to check out a book or two.
  • Get a physical. Seeing your primary care physician at least once a year is a good way to maintain your health. It just takes a few minutes to place that call.
  • Try a new exercise. Are you stuck in a rut at your gym? Try something new! From Soul Cycle to hot yoga, there’s always something different to try.
  • Watch a different type of movie. Break out of your mold and try a different genre. If you normally watch comedies, make a switch and try an action movie or a drama.

Here’s hoping you take us up on one or two of these suggestions. September is the perfect time to reevaluate your life’s path and get around to those things you have been putting off.


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