The Power of Thinking Positively

A positive state of mind can change your life

Are you a glass half-empty person or a glass half-full person? If you say “half-full,” then hats off to you! Having a positive outlook on life is so important. It can help you through the hard times and affirm you during the good times. It can contribute to better mental health and physical health. A positive attitude can even rub off on those around you and bring happiness to others.

But if you are like most people, you have your times of feeling negative or pessimistic. You may have periods where you feel like everything is going wrong and everything is falling apart. What can you do to get rid of these negative thoughts? How can you look at your life in a more positive light?

Here are some suggestions on pushing aside the negative and welcoming in the positive.

Find something to laugh about every day
In the busy day-to-day lives we lead, we can sometimes get stuck in a routine where we find that we hardly ever laugh. It may sound strange to say, but laughter is a serious matter! Laughter is a great release and a great way to improve your mood. To bring laughter back into your life, watch a funny movie, reminisce with an old friend about funny things from your past, or go to a comedy club. Let yourself go and feel how good it feels to laugh.

Practice mindfulness
When life gets stressful, you may find that your mind is often on the next task you have to do, rather than focusing on what you’re doing at the moment. Practice mindfulness or meditation to help center your thoughts on the here-and-now. This helps you worry less and enjoy the things you do along life’s journey.

Choose positive friends
Both positivity and negativity can be contagious. If you find that your group of friends is always negative and complaining, this may be bringing you down. Try to hang out with people who boost you up and take a positive spin on the world around them.

Watch how you say things
Language is powerful. If you frame your words and thoughts in negative language, you may be contributing to your negativity without even realizing it. Make an effort to use positive language rather than negative. For example, instead of “This test is going to be too hard and I’m going to fail,” you can say, “I’m going to put my best effort toward studying for this test and aim to get a better grade than last time.”

Empower yourself
If you are feeling trapped in a situation that makes you feel negative or hopeless, remember that you have the power to make a change in your life. You may not be able to fix the situation overnight, but if you set goals and make a plan for change, you can make improvements to your life.

Help someone else
If you are caught in a spiral of negativity, you might be getting too centered on your own problems. One thing that can help you get perspective is to volunteer to help someone else. Giving your time and effort to another person can feel gratifying and help you to realize that you are not alone.

Find a healthy way to vent off steam
There’s no doubt about it. Life brings a lot of pressures with it. Finding a healthy way to vent off some steam can help you turn your pressure into something positive. Try singing, exercising, dancing, or turning up your favorite music. These activities can release some stress and give you a positive sense of well-being.

We hope these tips give you helpful strategies to turn your negative thinking into positive thinking. It won’t always be easy, but taking these steps will go a long way to helping you enjoy a positive and rewarding life!


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