The Essential Benefits of Drinking Water

Refresh, rehydrate, and renew your mind and body with water!

Since summer is here, the added heat makes it important for every one to stay hydrated! In fact, staying hydrated year-round is necessary for improved health and well-being.

Water is an essential building block of life. The natural liquid makes up 60% of the human body and 76% of the heart and brain. It is a necessary component for sustaining life on Earth and without water, humans and all other life forms wouldn’t exist.

H20 is also the ultimate form of nourishment. Water helps improve our lives in many ways. Did you know it aids against headaches, indigestion, and dehydration?  It also helps to keep us alert, and prepared for a busy day.

If you drink water regularly, you could see the benefits of an improved mind and body! Here are five important reasons why you should drink water frequently:

1. Hydration helps!

Staying hydrated is necessary for you to function properly each day. Becoming dehydrated makes your body and mind ill-prepared for a busy day at work or school. When you’re dehydrated you may experience dryness, fatigue, irritable behavior, and a slower reaction time. Water improves your cardiovascular health and sustains your immune system. It also cleanses toxins from your body, improves low blood sugar, relieves headaches, and lowers high body temperatures. Drinking water is a great way for you to stay balanced and grounded throughout the day so you can do your job properly. Water is beneficial, if not necessary, for your overall health and wellness.

2. Improve your physical performance

Water may assist with better physical performance. When you drink water, nutrients are restored to the cells that surround muscles. Cells are then revitalized so that muscles may become more limber and stronger during physical activity. Your body will feel restored and prepared to tackle any challenging or physically demanding tasks. If you need to be alert and prepared on the job, then staying hydrated will help your body peform faster in emergencies. Plus, water helps remove waste, blockages, and bloating from the body.

3. Help manage your weight

Water can help make weight loss easier! If you’re on a diet, it can assist you in managing your weight. Drink 8 glasses—or 64 ounces—of water each day to help increase your metabolism. H20 is a healthier drink because it doesn’t add calories or excess sugars to your diet like soft drinks or juices. However, drinking water will also make you feel full so your chances of overeating decrease as well. Water also helps remove excess waste from the body. When you remember to drink lots of water with plenty of exercise and a healthy diet, you could start to see a leaner and more tightened physique within months.

4. Drink water, save money!

Avoid going to the local convenience store for coffee, soft drinks, or bottled water. When you purchase pre-made drinks it can cost you in the range of $2-$4 on average. You can save money by purchasing a reusable water bottle or canister and filling it up with tap water throughout the day. Buying a water canister for a one-time fee is worth it when you can save hundreds of dollars long-term. Plus, it’s also better for the environment!

5. Improve your cognitive abilities

Water also can improve the function of your mind. Dehydration causes major organs in the body, like the brain, to lose oxygen and lubrication. This may cause slower brain function and reaction time. To improve your mind’s function, water helps restore nutrients! Liquid, oxygen,and essential nutrients in water are restored to the brain so you can interact with stimuli better. Staying hydrated could also help you perform better on your next test by helping you feel focused instead of groggy or tired. When paired with a healthy diet, water helps you stay prepared and ready to take on any problems you face at work or school.

Water can help improve your life financially, mentally, and physically. When you take care of your health, you could see the advantages of a happier and healthier lifestyle. Take advantage of the essential benefits of water! Salter Nursing wishes you a happy, healthy, and safe summer!


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