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Reasons to Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week

salter nursing school, teacher appreciation weekThis is the time to make sure your instructors know how much their effort means to you

Your instructors spend hours preparing for courses and monitoring your progress. They also dedicate themselves to making use of their own practical experience, and to making themselves available to help you outside of regular office hours as needed. At Salter School of Nursing and Allied Health, many of the instructors go above and beyond their job in supporting you and helping you to succeed.

So take time this week—it’s Teacher Appreciation Week!—to think about the many reasons your instructors may deserve your thanks. Not all of them will stand out in the same way, but these can be helpful suggestions when you’re sitting down to write them that note of thanks.

Here are five reasons to consider:

Think of a time when you reached out to one of your instructors when you didn’t understand something, or were having trouble working out an issue. Your teachers are there to help you when you’re struggling. They make themselves available via email after hours, and respond to help when you seek advice or clarification. This can make all the difference.

Maybe you can recall a time when an instructor pushed you to achieve more than you imagined you could. It’s important to thank the teacher who believed in you and helped you achieve something that you thought was beyond your ability. You may find, over your time in school, that the tough teachers (who make you work harder for a good grade) can also inspire you the most—they can help you tap into potential you didn’t know you had.

Many of your instructors can recall what it’s like to be in your shoes as a student. They often understand the demands that are placed on you, and the juggling required to balance your life with your schoolwork. Think of a time your teacher offered you that extra boost of confidence you needed to get through an assignment. Or maybe there was a moment when things seemed out of control and a teacher took the time to calmly reassure you and help you find a way.

Every day your instructors are sharing their knowledge and experience, and the best ones are passionate about sharing their wisdom with you. Sometimes you can learn just as much from their practical insight as from studying a textbook. Think of a moment a teacher inspired you to find out more about new subject or topic.

Thank your instructors for any networking resources and assistance they may have provided, whether it’s helping you look for job or externship, or even just introducing you to someone who could help you learn more about an area of interest. Their professional network can give you access to explore different options for your future, and that can be invaluable in many career fields.

Everyone likes to be acknowledged and recognized for work well done. In honor of this special week, take a moment to honor your instructors. It will make you feel good to say “Thank you,” and it could make their day! You can even join a campaign by the National Education Association and thank your instructor on social media, by posting a picture with their name and the hashtag #ThankATeacher. Maybe you could even take a selfie of the two of you. (Just be sure you get their permission first to post it!)


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