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Students at Salter School of Nursing Show School Spirit

constitution day, salter school of nursingThey stepped up to raise money for the Jimmy Fund Walk and celebrate Constitution Day

Two recent events have really given the students at Manchester’s Salter School of Nursing and Allied Health the chance to show their dedication to their school, their country, and to a good cause. Whether it’s taking part in a “dress-down” fundraiser or in a national holiday devoted to our Constitution, it was an opportunity for the students to shine.

Celebrating Our Constitution

On September 18, Salter Nursing celebrated Constitution Day. In addition to decorating the front lobby, the campus created a “We the People” wall with stars, featuring names of participating students and staff as well as some facts about our country’s history. This day recognizes the adoption of the U.S. Constitution, as well as those who have decided to become U.S. citizens. On September 17, 1787, delegates to the Constitutional Convention signed the Constitution in Philadelphia. The country has been celebrating the holiday since 2004.

Raising Funds to Fight Cancer

Another recent initiative began in late August, when Salter Nursing began the “Dress Down for Charity” fundraiser. This enabled students to wear casual clothes (instead of their scrubs) on Wednesdays for $1. The first week got off to a slow start, but by the second week the donations started to flow in. By September 20, the cutoff date, students had raised a total of $81 for the Jimmy Fund Walk—and enjoyed the opportunity to wear different clothes to campus.

Kimmy Fund WalkOne of the Salter School of Nursing students, Casey Wheeler, of Hillsboro, NH, participated in the walk on September 26, which was 26.2 miles—the length of a marathon. She started in Hopkinson, Mass., and finished in Copley Square in Boston.

Casey’s team’s name is “The Cancer Killers.” Her “donate” page includes a statement: “When you make a gift to my walk, you’re directly supporting Dana-Farber Cancer Institute’s unique 50-50 balance between cutting-edge science and highly compassionate cancer care. Your support allows Dana-Farber leaders to enhance programs and initiatives that serve patients and their families.”

“We are so proud of her,” says Registrar Tiffiney Isabelle. So far Casey’s fundraising total is $104, and she’s hoping to reach a goal of $300. You can still support Casey by making a donation until the end of October.

Since 1989, The Boston Marathon® Jimmy Fund Walk has raised more than $125 million for cancer research, through the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. The 2017 walk featured more than 9,300 walkers, 1,000 volunteers, 640 Dana-Farber employees, and 49 sponsors.

Jimmy Fund events benefit the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute exclusively. Its history goes back to 1948, when the Variety Club of New England organized a radio broadcast that covered the members of the Boston Braves baseball team (the forerunners to the Red Sox) visiting a young cancer patient at his bedside. The patient, “Jimmy,” was actually 12-year-old Einar Gustafson, a patient of Dr. Sidney Farber. Since then he has been an inspiration to hundreds of thousands of people.

We hope these stories have inspired you to do what you can to engage with members of your community. We’ll report back on other campus activities as the fall progresses.

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