Sample Job Interview Questions

Practicing will make you more confident and less nervous

sample job interview questions, practice job interview questions

Job interviews are your opportunity to prove to the hiring manager that you are the right person for the position. And as any job seeker knows, job interviews are nerve-wracking! There’s a lot of pressure to say the right thing, dress the right way, and show the interviewer you’re likeable too.

A good way to face the pressure is to prepare ahead of time as much as you can. The more prepared and confident you are, the less your nerves will get the better of you. Sample questions are a great way to practice what it’s like to be in the interview seat. Try these questions to get your wheels turning:

Job interview questions: examples

1. Why are you applying for this job?

2. Tell us about yourself.

3. Describe the experiences that make you qualified for this position.

4. What are your strongest attributes, and how will they help you in this position?

5. What parts of the job look most interesting to you? What parts look most challenging?

6. Talk about your career (or college) training.

7. Give an example of how you do with teamwork.

8. What is an obstacle you faced in a previous job, and how did you manage it?

9. Give an example of a time that you were proactive in a previous job.

10. How do you keep yourself organized on the job?

11. How would your former employer describe you?

12. Describe how you handle working with difficult people or customers.

13. What are your professional goals in the next three to five years?

14. Why do you want to work here?

15. What are your plans to further your education (if any)?

Tips for practicing

Once you’ve read through these questions and thought about your responses, it’s time to start practicing out loud. Here are some suggestions on making the most of your practice time.

  • Practice in the mirror, and make sure you’re using positive body language.
  • Make a video of yourself answering the questions; this is a great way to critique yourself.
  • If you come up with a phrase or description you like, practice it and commit it to memory. There will probably be a chance to say it during the real interview.
  • Find other practice questions online. This helps you vary up the questions, so that you’ll be ready for unexpected questions at the interview.
  • Ask a friend to ask you the questions. Then ask for their honest opinion on how you did.
  • Set up an appointment with a Career Services professional to give you a mock interview with feedback.

Using these preparation tips, you can feel more comfortable talking about yourself in a job interview setting. And when the time comes for the real interview, you will be glad you practiced! There’s no doubt about it, practice makes all the difference. Good luck!

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