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Practical Nursing Courses

The Practical Nursing program provides courses and learning experiences that prepare students to carry out the scope of practice, nursing duties, and responsibilities, of the Licensed Practical Nurse in New Hampshire. Classes train students on a wide range of health care skills, including measuring vital signs, preventing infection, and providing basic care for patients.

In addition to our regular classroom and clinical lab work, Salter Nursing students gain important on-the-job experience by participating in internships at local or nearby ambulatory care centers, hospitals, or long-term care facilities.

Sample Practical Nursing Courses at Salter Nursing

Title of Course Course Description

Practical Nursing I, II, and III

These courses introduce the student to the profession of nursing and the concepts of caring, cultural competence, critical thinking, and responsible decision making. The courses include basic and advanced nursing skills and health assessment in laboratory and clinical settings. Students learn about nursing care in a rehabilitation setting, including common physical, cognitive, and psychosocial problems.

Maternal and Child Health Nursing

This course covers the concepts of caring for the childbearing woman, the newborn, and the pediatric patient. Potential risks and complications are reviewed. Assessments of the newborn and pediatric patient are reviewed in light of physiological and psychological development, as well as potential disorders which may occur.

Nutrition and Diet Therapy

This course focuses on the role nutrients play in the body, food sources of key nutrients, and how nutrition relates to overall health and wellness. Students learn how our nutrient needs change throughout life, the nutritional needs of the elderly, and when enteral and parenteral nutrition are needed.


This course provides a solid foundation of pharmacological principles, knowledge of dose calculations, and specific medication categories.

The courses in this program are designed to give students a strong foundation in patient care and skilled nursing. Students will also learn the basics of psychology, human growth and development, and English composition to develop their professional writing and communication skills.

Preparing Students for LPN Careers

The Practical Nurse training program consists of 1,200 hours of coursework, and can be completed in about one year at the Salter Nursing campus in Manchester, New Hampshire. The program is approved by the New Hampshire Board of Nursing and prepares students for licensure in the state of New Hampshire.

After graduating from the program, students are encouraged to independently schedule their licensing exam to become a Licensed Practical Nurse in New Hampshire. Passing this exam is required to be eligible for employment.