Practical Nursing Students Give Back on Valentine’s Day

After months of fundraising, students donated dozens of toys to children at a local community center

Practical Nursing students at the Salter School of Nursing and Allied Health are engaged in much more than training to care for patients. They are also being creative and industrious in finding ways to support young members of their community. Each year, the senior group takes on a community service project, and this year’s “PN 103” group—made up of 21 students—worked together to raise money to buy gifts for local children in need.

Starting in December, students coordinated this drive on behalf of the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services. The students undertook a series of fundraising events over the two-month period, ranging from bake sales and making breakfast to selling Little Caesar’s pizza. They even collected donations in honor of “dress-down days.” This meant that, during the week leading up to the Super Bowl, for example, people could come to campus dressed in their favorite Patriots’ gear if they donated $1 to the cause.

In the end, the students were able to raise hundreds of dollars in donations. They decided to spend the funds on a range of gifts, including toys for kids of all ages, as well as sports equipment such as footballs and basketballs. Students also created cards to accompany each of the gifts, which they wrapped in pink and red in honor of the holiday. Then, on Valentine’s Day, the students delivered the gifts to the director of the Youth Development Center in Manchester, whose staff was extremely grateful for this gesture of good will and generosity.

This proud group of seniors will graduate from Salter Nursing in mid-March, and their graduation ceremony will be help April 7. The efforts they made this winter are not soon to be forgotten by those whose lives they touched in Manchester.


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