How to Impress Your Boss

5 tips that can help you get ahead in your job

Your supervisor is an important person in your career. You want to be sure you are meeting their expectations and providing high quality work for them. Taking some simple steps to improve your professionalism can go a long way toward creating a favorable reputation with your boss. Try these easy tips, and see if it makes a difference!

1. Arrive at work at least 15 minutes early
Showing up early to work has a lot of positive benefits. It allows you time to think about what needs to be done before the clock starts running. You can put away your lunch and your coat and head to your work station. You can begin planning what your day will look like. This way you will be ready for action when your shift begins. You will feel calmer when the day starts, and be able to manage your responsibilities better.

  • Check your schedule for the day
  • Plan what supplies you need for the day
  • Prioritize the most important tasks

2. Be proactive
The longer you work in your job, the more you will be able to spot problems on the horizon. You will see a situation arising in advance, and you can address it before it becomes a problem. Learn to anticipate what needs to be done, and then do it before the situation becomes urgent. This might include:

  • Work on reports or documentation well before they are due
  • Refill supplies before they run out
  • Double-check your work to avoid mistakes
  • Ask questions to avoid making an error
  • Offer to help someone else so the whole team finishes faster

3. Be a problem-solver
No matter what job you have, problems will arise. Sometimes you will need your supervisor’s input to resolve a problem. Before you go asking for help, think about how to present the problem to your boss. Rather than simply complaining or stating the problem, think through what some solutions might be. Present the possible solutions alongside the problems. This way your supervisor knows you have thought about the issue and are invested in helping to solve it.

  • Evaluate the problem
  • Research possible solutions
  • Consider the pros and cons of the solutions
  • Present the problem and possible solutions to your boss at an appropriate time—not when they’re in the middle of an emergency

4. Look out for the whole team
Your supervisor is responsible for how your team performs. It’s a greater responsibility than just being responsible for your own performance on the job. Take this into account, and make your boss’s job easier by representing your team or department well. Be concerned about the overall performance of the team—not just your own job.

  • Think of how your team or department can improve
  • Are there processes that can be done faster or more efficiently?
  • Are there new technologies that could improve your productivity?
  • Are there ways that everyone could work together to improve your performance?

5. Act professionally
As a member of a team or department, your behavior affects the reputation of your whole group. Do yourself and your supervisor a favor, and act professionally on the job. Dress appropriately, treat everyone with respect, and avoid any gossiping or complaining. This will not only impress your boss, but it will also make you feel better about yourself and your career.

By following this advice, working hard, and keeping a positive attitude, you will be the type of employee who would impress any supervisor. Keep this up, and you will go far!


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