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5 FAQs about the LNA Career Path

FAQs Licensed Nursing Assistant Career LNA job frequently asked questionsDiscover the important facts about a Licensed Nursing Assistant Career!

Are you ready for a career where you can make a difference? A job as a Licensed Nursing Assistant could provide you with the ability to improve the health and daily routines of patients in need. A nursing assistant training program can offer you the tools and help you develop the skills to become a kind and dedicated healthcare professional.

However, before you enter a licensed nursing assistant school, you should understand a few things about the career path to make sure it fits the expectations you seek in a future profession.

Below are answers to five frequently asked questions about the licensed nursing assistant career. Read through them to see if this LNA career path is one you should pursue.

Q #1: What do Licensed Nursing Assistants do?

A: Licensed Nursing Assistants (LNAs) work with patients who are injured, sick, disabled, and elderly or those who require long-term care. During a typical day, they will assist patients with cleaning, bathing, changing, eating and other daily living activities. They may have to turn, reposition, carry, or help transport patients between beds, wheelchairs, and exam rooms. Their responsibilities include communicating frequently with patients to understand their health concerns or complaints. They must also record any health issues or information to nurses and doctors. LNAs also measure patient vital signs like blood pressure and temperature. They are an essential part of the healthcare industry because they help give basic and needed care and help to stustain the quality of life for patients.

Q #2: Where do LNAs work?

A: LNAs may work in hospitals, nursing care facilities, long-term care retirement communities and assisted living facilities, as well as home health care services and government institutions. Their schedules may require them to work night shifts, weekends, or holidays because these environments need to be opened round-the-clock to care for patients.

Q #3: What is the job outlook like for the LNA career field?

A: The job outlook is positive for this career area. Under the nursing assistant and orderlies section of the Occupational Outlook Handbook, the expected growth rate is projected to increase by 18 percent from 2014-2024. Due to the aging baby boom population and the fact that the elderly people experience more dementia, chronic diseases, and diabetes, the demand for licensed nursing assistants may increase.

Q #4: What can I expect to earn in an LNA career field?

A: A median average salary is given in the Occupational Outlook Handbook. The median annual wage is calculated by determining half of all workers who have earned higher than the average and half of workers who earned less than the average. If you’d like a better idea of what LNAs are paid in your area, take a look through job postings on job search engines like Monster or Indeed. You may get a general idea of what an entry-level position offers near you.

Q #5: Will I find the LNA career path rewarding?

A: If you enjoy providing care for those in need and communicating with others, then you may find this job path very rewarding. LNAs can build strong and lasting bonds with their patients, especially if they work in long-term nursing facilities. You may also feel satisfied knowing you’re an essential part of giving your patients the necessary care to live a more comfortable lifestyle. Not only can you provide physical support, but emotional care as well.

If you decide this career path is a great way for you to enter the healthcare field, then consider applying to The Salter School of Nursing & Allied Health today. Our campus is located in Manchester, New Hampshire. For more information on this program or any of our other career training programs, contact us today for more information or schedule a tour