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If you’re thinking about nursing school, knowing what each nursing job requires will guide you down the right path. Practical nursing is a great way to start—and in many cases doesn’t require a bachelor’s degree.
The Salter School of Nursing encourages men to enroll
Handwashing in nursing is critical for patient safety
Learn about this important organ in honor of National Kidney Month
If you’re a mother, there are many reasons to consider this career in healthcare
Focusing on the most important meal of the day will pay off with productivity
Try these sample interview questions for practical nurse students
Here are techniques for getting your mind into a better and more productive space
Meet the new staff member who brings energy to this important, student-focused role
Suggestions for finding a job field that’s a good fit for you
This essential healthcare role makes a difference in the lives of many patients
Use these tricks to set yourself up for a successful and productive year
This is one of the aspects that makes practicing this profession an art
Patients benefit from the spirit these professionals bring—especially at this time of year
Check out this powerful networking tool to connect with other professionals
A peek inside this rewarding career
During your job search, you will be busy preparing your resume, researching potential employers, and practicing your interview skills.
Strategies for staying focused and getting things done
Put your best professional foot forward from the start
10 ways that you can give back and help out in our community during this season of Thanksgiving.
Even if you are not a packrat or a hoarder, you may find that too much clutter in your home is starting to interfere with your time, space, and happiness.
Tips for making a job search easier
Find out ways to minimize your risk factors
Being a great nurse takes more than just knowing the facts.
Here are some steps you can take at home and at work to keep your immune system strong, especially during cold season.
You left the interview feeling good, so wait to hear back from the interviewer, right? Actually, no.
Preparing in advance will improve your performance.
Here are some tips for having a ghoulishly great time while also staying safe.
What is mindfulness? Mindfulness means paying active attention to exactly what you are doing at present.
Follow these tips to maximize your changes of success on exams
Believe it or not, many successful nurses were once afraid of needles and blood!
Students recently stepped up to raise money for the Jimmy Fund Walk and celebrated Constitution Day.
We’ve put together some great tips that you can start working on today…while you’re still a student.
Make the most of technology by tapping into the apps that work best for you.
It’s true: Happiness can be an elusive thing! Here are some tips to help you get there.
There are endless options to choose from, but here are a sampling of recipes that caught our eye.
Here’s a sample practical nurse resume to help you get started on your own!
Learning how to make the most of your time is a key to success
Practicing will make you more confident and less nervous
Yoga is now big business, but you don’t have to go to a studio to pay for a class to get the benefit.
To help avoid nursing burnout, here are some tips for the self-care and pampering that you deserve!
September is Thyroid Awareness Month—a great time to educate yourself about thyroid cancer.
As public health issues such as obesity and diabetes are on the rise in our country, it’s a good time to look at our eating habits.
Don’t cut corners on the care your lenses need
Find your way to the “you” you want to be!
Let’s take a look at the general routine of a practical nurse at a hospital.
How can you make the most out of social media, and at the same time, avoid any mishaps?
Take a look at some of these more nursing milestones from the past 50 years.
What are some healthy breakfast options that you can still fit in to a busy morning?
With our hectic schedules, it’s easy to overlook some of the details of a proper work wardrobe.
Here are some do’s and don’ts of job interviewing. Make sure you review these before the big day arrives.
The next time you’re looking to beat the heat, here are a few items to enjoy that you might not have thought of.
What can you do to avoid nurse burnout? How can you keep up your passion for this great profession?
Drinking plenty of water is more than a cliché—it has hidden advantages
Take time out of your busy schedule to enjoy all that summer offers
These are traits that may not be listed in a job description, but potential employers want to know if you have them.
There are many types of nurses and many ways to get into this field.
Which of these pieces of trivia are most surprising?
Being happy with the way you look and the way you feel is an important ingredient to a fulfilled life.
If you’re considering nursing school, practical nursing can be a good option.
Having a positive outlook on life can contribute to better mental health and physical health.
With these basic strategies for self-care, give yourself a leg up before that next exam.
If you are looking for the true unsung heroes of the world, look no further than those in the nursing profession.
Don’t let a heat wave interfere with your health and wellness. Know the signs of heat exhaustion and heat stroke.
Is it really necessary to write cover letters for job applications? Does anyone even read them?
Training to become an LNA can be an efficient route to a career in nursing.
Did you know that washing your hands properly is one of the single most important ways to prevent infections from spreading?
June 5–11 is Rip Current Awareness Week, which is designed to help people understand the dangers of being near the water.
The field of nursing offers so many options when it comes to training and career choices.
If you worked in a hospital or other community facility on Thursday, May 25, you may have noticed it was Red Nose Day.
If you are interested in the field of healthcare and nursing, you may want to explore becoming a practical nurse.
National Nursing Home Week was held May 14 through May 20, 2017.
It’s May, and that means it’s National Physical Fitness and Sports month!
You might see your instructors in class every day, but here are some things about them you might not know!
Here are some tricks and tips to help give your resume a better chance of being selected by the applicant tracking system (ATS).
This is the time to make sure your instructors know how much their effort means to you.
Becoming a licensed nursing assistant is one of the quickest pathways to a new career, with a training program that can be completed in a matter of months.
Here are some suggestions for ways to “stay out of the fray,” when people around you are contributing to a negative environment.
If you are looking for ways to improve your sleep, try these tips. We think they will make a noticeable difference in how you feel.
Whether you’re in school now, or are already working as a PCT, the following suggestions can help you to do the best you can.
Learning how to study efficiently is something that will make your schooling less stressful and more successful!
Working in healthcare means you’re in a unique position to help someone who’s decided it’s time to quit.
Strive to go the extra mile when you’re on the job with these tips.
It’s important to have a clear sense of what the job responsibilities of the LNA are on a daily basis.
Here are some tips to pamper your feet so they are healthy and ready for another day on the job.
Maybe it shouldn’t take a national awareness day to get us to unpack some of the stress we’ve built into our lives.
Being part of a nursing team is a career that should make you proud.
Patient Care Technicians assist doctors as well as nurses as part of the healthcare team.
Being too sedentary can contribute to health problems such as high cholesterol, excess body fat, high blood pressure, and obesity.
A national study by Jobvite Job Seeker shows that more than 90% of employers investigate candidates on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.
Here are some of the top traits you should have if you would like to become a nursing assistant or nurses’ aide.
Practical Nursing students at the Salter School of Nursing and Allied Health are engaged in much more than training to care for patients.
There are many different paths that you can take if you are interested in the field of nursing. One of them is becoming a Practical Nurse.
Our instructor Mary A. McKeich, BSN, MS, has published an article in the February 2017 issue of the Journal of Hospice & Palliative Nursing.
Take a look at 5 important skills that will make you more marketable in the job market.
You want to look put-together, polished, clean, well-groomed, and presentable when you are on a job interview.
Can you become a practical nurse or nursing assistant if you are afraid of needles or if you get squeamish at the sight of blood?
You may not realize that becoming a patient care technician (PCT) can provide you with several employment options in the healthcare field.
Do you know the risk factors for heart disease? Or the warning signs of a heart attack?
There’s so much to discover about Manchester and its surrounding area. Here are some highlights.
Patient Care Technicians play a valuable role in the healthcare system and can work in a variety of healthcare facilities.
Do you find you’re under a lot of stress? It could be affecting your performance at school or work.
The field of nursing offers many benefits to men and women alike. Take a look at some of the great reasons why men and women are choosing nursing:
You’d be surprised how much an “attitude adjustment” can make a difference at school or work.
Are you one of those people who feels good when you help others?
Give yourself a leg up on those changes you've been wanting to make.
Gain the practical nurse skills you need to enter today’s job market with confidence.
How you conduct yourself in your workplace is part of what makes you valuable.
The most common places for nursing assistants and practical nurses to work are long-term care facilities.
Take a few minutes to see what you already know about Human papillomavirus (HPV).
Over the years, just as technology and the job landscape have changed, the art of writing resumes has changed, too.
If you are interested in becoming a nursing assistant, there is a good chance that this goal is within your reach.
The end of another year is a time for reflection and contemplation. Are you happy with your current career path?
If you want to become a nurse, what exactly does that mean? There are several different types of nurses, and it helps to understand what levels of training you need for each. Here are some options you might choose.
Discover five key qualities that make licensed nursing assistants knowledgeable healthcare workers.
From hanging up holiday lights to frying a turkey in a fryer, there are lots of safety issues that you may not be aware of during the holidays.
Goal-setting helps you to target the improvements that need to be made and work your way toward success.
Preparing for an upcoming job interivew? Here are the questions you should ask and avoid asking a hiring manager.
Avoid being a Scrooge! Here are 32 ways to get in the holiday spirit!
Here is some advice for making your holiday season less expensive—but still festive and meaningful.
December 1-7 is Crohn’s and Colitis awareness week.
Want to help care for patients? Consider these five important qualities you need as a patient care technician.
If you are considering going to nursing school to become a nurse, practical nurse, or nursing assistant, then this article is for you.
Learn about the various work settings where Licensed Nursing Assistants (LNAs) are employed.
If you are worried that Thanksgiving is going to destroy your diet, try out these tips for keeping a lid on it this Thanksgiving.
If you’re having difficulties thinking of what to say in your cover letter, then we provide you with a sample to help make the writing process easier.
Considering nursing school? Get a better understanding about different nursing roles with Salter Nursing's guide!
Discover the answers to six frequently asked questions about a patient care technician career.
One way to find some extra time in your day is to use your “down” time more wisely.
Keep your workplace germ free and stay healthy! Here are five essential reasons to get a flu shot for your healthcare job so you may help prevent the spread of influenza!
For anyone who has ever been a student, let’s take a moment to remember and appreciate the teachers who have helped shape our education and our lives.
What can you learn in a Patient Care Technician training program? Read about Salter Nursing's course offerings and decide if it's a desirable career path.
If you are in training to become a nursing assistant, patient care technician, or practical nurse, you already know that nursing is important work.
A resume is a career tool in which to be proud. Make your resume shine with our sample Patient Care Technician resume!
If you are searching for a job, how can you be sure that a potential employer won’t find something incriminating about you?
Eating a healthy breakfast packed with nutrients and vitamins can lead to many mental and physical benefits and a better lifestyle!
Remember, getting through nursing school is within your reach, but it does require your effort. If you fall behind, here are 5 tips that can get you back on track.
Learning about the history of nursing? Here are five unusual medieval European remedies that may fascinate you!
Nurses have to juggle a lot of responsibilities. They have to master the clinical skills to treat patients’ health concerns.
Salter Nursing offers five answers to frequently asked questions about an LNA career. Read through them to see if this career path is one you should pursue.
If you are searching for a job using CareerBuilder, Indeed, LinkedIn or other similar sites, this article is for you.
Is caring for others part of a career path you'd like to pursue? Read our list to see what skills make a great Patient Care Technician.
Have you ever committed a “random act of kindness?” This phrase was coined in a 1993 book by Anne Herbert.
Salter Nursing offers studying tips and reminders for adult students who need to get back into a productive study routine.
If you have a job interview coming up, you are probably nervous. You want to be sure to say the right things and to come off as a reliable and skilled professional.
Salter Nursing offers potential students the answers to six frequently asked questions about the LPN career path.
If you go to a shopping mall, you can’t help but notice it is back to school season.
Are you interested in eating healthier? Here are some reasons why you should include kale as part of a healthy diet!
Searching for a job can be a difficult process that might leave you feeling frustrated. But you’ve got to stick with it to get results.
Are you considering becoming a practical nurse? Now may be a great time to apply! Beforehand, you may want to learn about the type of environments in which you may work and the opportunities the career path offers.
Caring for elderly patients or patients with disabilities is very important work. Nursing home residents have everyday basic needs that a nurse or doctor does not have time to handle.
If you want to quit smoking or are actively seeking reasons why you should, read our list! It could give you the boost you need to take the first step to quitting for good.
One great way to feel a part of your profession is to explore the resources that are available for nursing assistants.
Good time management is essential for making the most out of your education and your career. If you’re constantly feeling rushed or have a tight schedule, Salter Nursing offers you five tips to help manage your time.
If you have a job interview coming up, congratulations! Getting an interview is an encouraging step.
If you’re a nursing student who is interested in learning more about your field's background, then Salter Nursing offers you a glimpse into several historical milestones in nursing.
While scrubs are necessary for work, they're not always the most flattering. Here are a few suggestions on how to look your best and most professional in scrubs.
If you’re a recent high school graduate, then consider furthering your education in a career training program. A career training school can give you the technical skills you need to be successful in a career.
Choosing what kind of nurse you might want to become is a personal choice that depends on your career goals and educational goals.
If you drink water regularly, you could see the benefits of an improved mind and body! Here are five important reasons why you should drink water frequently.
Considering becoming a PCT or nursing assistant? Learn about the type of environments in which you can expect to work.
If you want to pursue this career, be sure to do a little research first. Read about the long-term job outlook for nursing assistants. Search for nursing schools near you that offer this type of training. Take tours of your potential schools.
During healthcare job interviews, it’s especially important to show cleanliness, since your patients will rely on you for health safety. If you’re a man, here are three tips to consider when picking out your interview outfit.
Whether you are studying at a college, vocational school, or a nursing school, it’s a good idea to have a system to stay organized.
Patient Care Technicians (PCTs) are essential members of any healthcare team because they help give the direct care throughout the day.
It is easy to take good health for granted. But if you have ever gotten very sick, you begin to appreciate what a good thing it is to be healthy again.
If you’d like to learn more about a nursing career, then consider these fun facts about the field that may help you decide that it’s the right career for you.
Nursing is a field that employs a range of professionals. Whatever nursing program you do, finding you first nursing job may require a little time and patience.
If you want to learn more about the benefits of a Patient Care Technician career path, then here’s a list of five reasons why it’s worth getting PCT training.
If you are interested in the field of nursing, you might be thinking about becoming a Practical Nurse or a Registered Nurse. What is the difference?
Eating well provides us with the nourishment, nutrition, and energy that we need to stay active and live healthy lives. Follow these six tips to improve your eating habits.
Your supervisor is an important person in your career. You want to be sure you are meeting their expectations and providing high quality work for them.
Thinking about going back to school to become a nurse, provide compassion, and to help others? Why not enter an LNA training program where you can learn all those skills and more?
Getting a job interview is great news. It means the employer liked your resume well enough to want to meet with you in person.
For some students, going to school is a chore. Some students don’t like getting up early for classes or coming home to homework.
Students lead busy lives. Between homework, exams, classes, and your home life, it can be hard to find time to sit down and eat a meal, let alone get in a workout at the gym.
Learn 5 important FAQs about becoming a patient care technician so you can know if it's the right career path for you!
When you are first starting out in a new field, it’s a good idea to write a resume that emphasizes your skills rather than your work experience (since you don’t have work experience yet).
It’s important that nurses maintain their mental health so they can stay happy at their jobs and in their personal life. Learn 6 ways nurses can manage their mental well-being for their paitents and themselves.
Stress and burn-out are two major factors that affect nurses’ careers. To all the nurses out there, take some time to read these stress-relieving tips.
If you’re looking for ways to improve your financial system, then consider these five budget-friendly tips that could help fatten your wallet:
Networking is a beneficial tool to have for healthcare professionals. Connecting with other professionals may help broaden your knowledge and job opportunities.
Are you looking for a job training program that can get you in the workforce quickly?
If you want to build stronger bonds with your patients while providing high-quality healthcare, here are seven steps to make your patients more comfortable and relaxed.
Being a nursing assistant—also called a nurses’ aide—can be a rewarding field, especially if you are the type of person who enjoys the rewards that come from helping others.
Acting professional at any job is important. As a healthcare worker, you may find that staying professional is necessary to properly maintain your daily responsibilities.
If you are looking at nursing careers, you may be debating whether to become a home health aide, nursing assistant, practical nurse (LPN), or a registered nurse (RN).
Are you nervous for exam day? Do you have trouble studying for tests? Do you want to improve your test performance?
LinkedIn is a useful networking tool for people in all careers. Learn 8 suggestions for the nursing community and how you can make LinkedIn work for you!
If you don’t already have a strong LinkedIn profile, now’s the time to create one! LinkedIn is very user-friendly, and better yet, it is free!
For students who are finishing up their Practical Nurse training at Salter Nursing, it’s time to start writing your resume. Your time at Salter Nursing is very important to include on your resume as you apply for your first practical nursing job.
Vitamin C is an important part of our diet. It helps us maintain our health and provides essential benefits to help us look healthy and ward off illnesses.
Whether you’re a student or a full-time healthcare worker, you’ll know that life can become hectic. Here are five, budget-friendly tips to de-stress if you've had a stressful day at work or school.
With the obesity epidemic in the United States, people are beginning to realize the importance of watching what they eat.
Check out some of the reasons why Salter Nursing students love the historic city of Manchester, New Hampshire.
If you’re seeing the damages of smoking on your patients’ health--or if they want to quit--here are three ways to gently inform them on how to stop.
Many people in healthcare careers have jobs where they are on their feet for most of their working hours. In hospitals, shifts can last as long as 12 hours, which means a lot of consecutive hours where you can’t sit down.
In a job like nursing assisting, where you are dealing with patients’ health concerns, it is imporant to prioritize your work. Here are some tips to help you in your nursing assistant job.
Practical nurses are expected to work in a variety of settings. Each environment is different and requires you to take on varying tasks and even care for many different age groups.
Practical Nurses spend time with patients every day. They take care of their every-day needs. These personal environments make compassion a necessary trait to have as a practical nurse. Here are 5 tips to help you build long-lasting bonds with your patients.
Acting in a professional manner is important to your career because it helps you earn respect from others, and in the end, you may even find that you have a higher respect for yourself. As you set off in your new career, be sure to try these tips!
One important thing we learn in nursing school is that clean hands can help prevent the spreading of infection. We also learn that there is more to hand-washing than just running your hands under the faucet.
Getting a job interview is a big step in the job-search process. It means the employer has selected you as one of the key contenders for the position, and wants to know more about you.
If you are looking for career training that doesn’t require a full college degree, you might want to think about becoming a Patient Care Technician. Within less than one year, you can be trained for this position.
A cover letter is the perfect opportunity to market yourself to a potential employer. You can use your cover letter to highlight your achievements and explain how your experience will be of benefit to the employer. It’s important to take a little extra time to polish your cover letter and avoid these common mistakes:
The Occupational Outlook Handbook has listed 6 Key Qualities that are helpful to have if you are a practical nurse. Take a moment and consider where your strengths lie, and whether a career as a practical nurse makes sense for you.
Are you going to turn over a new leaf in the New Year? Exercise every day, lose weight, keep the house clean, stop smoking, and teach yourself a foreign language? If so, then this article is not for you. But if you are like many of us who break our resolutions by January 15, then read on!
If you are looking for a nursing job or a job in the field of allied health, your resume is the first thing a potential employer will want to see. Whether you are applying for a job online, emailing your resume to someone, or handing a resume directly to a hiring manager, you want your resume to stand out.
What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of preventing the flu and other contagious illnesses? Washing your hands? Covering your mouth when you cough?
Hunger is an important issue in the United States, and this fact is drawn into sharp focus in Manchester, New Hampshire, where 1 in 5 children is food insecure.
As the baby boomer population is aging, there is a continuing need for quality retirement options, independent living facilities, assisted living options, and long-term nursing care. How do you find a job in a long-term care nursing home?
To become a Licensed Nursing Assistant in New Hampshire, you need to be a special sort of person. Nursing assistants have jobs that are physically demanding and emotionally demanding at the same time...
As one of the nursing programs approved by the New Hampshire Board of Nursing, the Salter School of Nursing and Allied Health is proud to present its practical nurse training program...
Sometimes no matter how much training you have under your belt, sitting through a job interview can be nerve-racking. Let’s…
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Are you looking for a career that provides the satisfaction that comes from helping others on a daily basis? Becoming a patient care technician might be the right career path for you. At Salter School of Nursing and Allied Health, our course curriculum can provide you with an introduction to…
The role of a professional medical assistant varies depending on the function and size of their medical office. But one thing is sure: A medical assistant plays an important role, performing a dual role, handling both clinical and administrative duties around the office. In your new career, your primary responsibility…
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Nursing schools in NH, such as the Salter School of Nursing and Allied Health in Manchester, prepare students for careers…