Becoming a Patient Care Technician in New Hampshire

Salter Nursing’s program prepares students for the job market

Manchester, NH: If you are looking for career training that doesn’t require a full college degree, you might want to think about becoming a Patient Care Technician. Within less than one year, you can be trained for this position. With our program, you can be ready to enter the field of healthcare as a professional member of a patient care team. Our job training is hands-on and prepares you with the skills you need for the world of work.

What do Patient Care Technicians do?

Patient Care Technicians are allied health professionals who work directly with patients. Working closely with patients is what can make this job very rewarding. While nurses and doctors handle the patient’s medical needs, the Patient Care Technician is there for the patient’s immediate basic needs. In this role, you have the opportunity to get to know your patients and help them with the basic things they can’t do on their own.

Your responsibilities might include helping patients with eating their meals, handling their personal hygiene, and taking their medications on time. You may also be asked to assist with some clinical procedures, such as drawing blood, taking vital signs, or administering an electrocardiogram (EKG).

The Patient Care Technician program at the Salter School of Nursing and Allied Health begins by training you with the skills you need to become a Nursing Assistant. Next it extends beyond those skills by adding higher level responsibilities. Your training will include:

  • Basics of patient care
  • How to prevent and control infection
  • How to record patient data in paper charts and electronically
  • Medical terminology
  • Phlebotomy: how to draw blood for blood testing
  • How to collect lab specimens properly
  • Electrocardiogram: how to administer EKGs
  • Medical ethics and HIPAA
  • How to respond to medical situations

Patient Care Technicians are trained to work in a range of locations. They can work in hospitals, nursing homes, long-term care facilities, emergency departments, and more.

How to enroll

What does it take to become a Patient Care Technician? We make it easy to enroll at the Salter School of Nursing. You don’t need to have any prior experience in healthcare. All you need is a high school diploma (or equivalent) and a desire to learn!

Our campus is located in Manchester, NH and contains all the equipment and technology needed to master your new job skills. Our application process is simple, and our Financial Aid advisors can help you determine whether you are eligible for financial aid to help you finance your education.

Why not contact us today? Our admissions process is rolling, which means you could be starting classes within just a few weeks!

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