Are You Studying All Wrong?

Try these tips to ace your next test

If you are in college, technical school, nursing school, or career training school, then this blog post is for you! The following tips are meant to help you get better at studying. Learning how to study efficiently is something that will make your schooling less stressful and more successful!

1. Make studying your job
To really succeed in your classes, it’s important to treat your studying like a job. Find 2 to 3 hours every day, and block them out for homework and studying. Don’t schedule anything else over this time block.

2. Get organized before you start studying
When it’s time to study, take an organized approach to it. Make a list of tasks and put them in priority order based on when they are due. Many people find that doing the quick tasks first is an efficient way to manage your time. That way, you get the easy things out of the way, and then you can devote your remaining time to sinking into the longer assignments. Keep a clock nearby so that you can manage your time wisely.

3. Put the distractions away
One of the trickiest challenges of our modern times is the distractions that prevent us from getting our work done. Be sure to turn off the TV and put your mobile phone away for the entire time you are studying. Without these electronic distractions, you will be much more productive in your studying.

4. Give yourself a 5-minute break every hour
After an intense period of studying, your brain and your body need a break. If you take a five-minute break every hour, this will help to rejuvenate you and refresh your concentration skills.

5. Choose a seat at the front of the class
In most career schools and colleges, you get to choose where you sit in class. It’s a good idea to take a seat as near to the front of class as possible. You will be amazed by how much you pay attention and how much you absorb when you are in the front row.

6. Use tried-and-true study tricks
People learn in different ways, so you may need to experiment in order to find what study techniques work best for you. Here are some suggestions that many people find to be helpful:

  • Re-write or type your class notes. This process can help the information to sink into your brain better than just reading the notes.
  • Say your notes out loud. For some people, speaking their notes aloud is a great way to comprehend the material better.
  • Make flashcards. For any kind of memorization task, flash cards are a great tool!
  • Try Quizlets. Depending on your subject matter, there may be Quizlets to help you study.
  • Change your study location. Studying in the same place can get stale and monotonous. Try a few different places, and your brain may get energized by the change in location.
  • Bring your studies with you. If you have a test coming up, bring your notebook and flashcards wherever you go.  You may find short “down times” to quiz yourself, like if you’re standing in line or waiting for an appointment.
  • Ask someone to quiz you. Having to answer to someone else can really test your knowledge of the subject.

7. Treat yourself well
Students are notorious for not getting enough sleep! Make sure you get adequate sleep, healthy meals, and plenty of exercise. Treating your body well will give you the energy you need to hit those books!

These tips are courtesy of the Salter School of Nursing and Allied Health. At Salter Nursing, we want to help our students adopt strong study habits and healthy lifestyles. For more information about our school, contact us online. Who knows? Your future career could begin with us!

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