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Why We Should Appreciate Nurses Every Day

nurse appreciationNurses are healthcare professionals who help make the world go ‘round

If you are looking for the true unsung heroes of the world, look no further than those in the nursing profession. Whether working in a small doctor’s office, a major hospital, a regional nursing home, or on the front lines of a conflict or tragedy, nurses are the selfless people who dedicate their careers to serving the needs of others.

Do you know any nurses personally? Do you see nurses on a regular basis when you go to the doctor’s office? If so, we want to give you great reasons to appreciate the nurses in your life. A little appreciation can go a long way to showing a nurse that you admire and respect what they do. Here are just a few reasons why nurses deserve our respect:

They know how to keep their cool – Nurses see all manner of patient ailments and problems, and they know how to keep calm about it. While the rest of us may be panicking, nurses know how to be calm and attend to the matter at hand.

They see the good, the bad, and the ugly – Nurses are known for their no-nonsense approach to things that most of us would find hard to deal with. They don’t get queasy or uncomfortable—they just get right to work to improve the situation.

They spend the day on their feet – Nurses work hard to serve their patients and rarely have any time to sit down during their shifts. Think of that next time you sit down at your job.

They spend more time with patients – Unlike doctors who need to make their rounds quickly and move on to the next patient, nurses are the ones who spend more time with their patients. They provide more basic hands-on services on a daily basis, and have the time to get to know their patients’ needs.

They work around the clock – Hospitals are 24-hour facilities, and nurses have to be available to patients at all hours of the day and night. Depending on their assigned shifts, some nurses can tend to patients all night long. You can’t ask for better service than that!

They are compassionate – Nurses deal with patients who are going through a time of need. They see patients who are sick, injured, and those who are nearing the ends of their lives. They treat their patients with respect and do their best to help them through difficult times.

They know what their patients need – Nurses are great at “reading” their patients. By working so closely with patients and seeing so many medical conditions, they start to develop a second nature about what patients need.

For these reasons and more, we should all show appreciation for the nurses in our lives. They work hard and deserve our respect. So, to all the nurses out there, we appreciate what you do to improve the lives of your patients! You truly make the world a better place!