8 Free Apps for Practical Nurses

Let technology help you access the information you need in this profession

Whether you’re in a practical nursing training program now, or already work as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), you need a lot of information at your fingertips to do your job effectively. There are many useful and free applications available to help you—to quickly look up abbreviations or drug names, manage shift scheduling, and more.

We’ve gathered here eight free apps you might consider using to help you in your daily work. (Please note that we do not endorse any specific app, but we do encourage you to do your own research and make your own decision about whether they might be a good tool for you.)

1. NurseGrid: Billing itself as a “calendar for nurses, by nurses,” this technology helps you keep track of your schedule and even swap shifts with other nurses. It can also alert you when your professional certifications are set to expire. Compatible with: iOS and Android.

2. Medscape: This clinical reference tool lists nearly 2,000 insurance plans across the U.S., so that drug choices can be made in real time to reflect each patient’s health coverage. Compatible with: iOS and Android.

3.Differential Diagnosis: A quick tool for determining health conditions, this app asks yes-or-no questions about symptoms to help you narrow down the possibilities. Compatible with: Android.

4. Calculate by QxMD: QxMD is a clinical calculator that helps with diagnoses, doses, and other important decision-making metrics. Compatible with: iOS and Android.

5. Talk To Me: A great advancement in communications, this technology helps healthcare professionals convey important information with patients when they don’t share a common language. Translations can be sent by text or email. Compatible with: Android.

6. Medly: This medical reference includes frequent abbreviations and their meanings specific to healthcare. Experts regularly evaluate the accuracy of the terms and update them. Compatible with: iOS.

7. Johnson & Johnson Wound Care Resource TM: This app makes wound classification and treatment much easier. Busy nurses can use it to keep track of the daily treatments associated with ongoing patient care. Check out the instructional videos and helpful illustrations. Compatible with: iOS.

8.Eponyms: Looking for the meaning of a medical term? This could come in handy. There are nearly 1,800 terms in the app, under 26 categories. Compatible with: iOS.

Make the most of technology by tapping into the apps that work best for you. Since these are free, it’s smart to download a few, use them a little, and then see which ones will be most useful. Happy hunting!

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