5 Tips for Staying Positive at School

A positive attitude can help improve your educational experience!

For some students, going to school is a chore. Some students don’t like getting up early for classes or coming home to homework. Many people would rather stay home, play computer games, or sleep. As a result, sometimes students become irritable and negative towards school and in their interactions with classmates or teachers.

A bad attitude towards school can negatively affect your learning, grades, and interactions with others. You could make it harder for yourself and others to learn around you. A negative attitude may even cause a tense relationship with your instructor.

However, if you approach your education with a positive attitude, you could make your educational experience enjoyable!

Salter Nursing offers you five tips to staying positive towards school so you can enjoy your education to it’s fullest!

1. Think positively

Think and act positively throughout the day. Don’t ever let anybody tell you that you’re not good enough. Make sure you don’t have a “defeatist” attitude towards yourself. In other words, don’t say “I can’t” before trying and practicing many times. Don’t feel defeated without giving yourself as many chances as you need. Although class can be hard, you will need to stay focused during class and exams. Think positively about your learning routines and your skills. And remember practice makes perfect. Encourage yourself to learn throughout the day.

Here are a few phrases that can help get you in a positive mindset:

  • Look at how much new material I’ve learned so far.
  • Look at the skills and knowledge I have now!
  • I can talk with my teacher after class if I need help.
  • The more I practice, the easier it will be.
  • I have the ability to learn this lesson.
  • I will finish this course! I won’t give up!

2. Be grateful

Everyone’s life has its ups and downs, but it’s important to remember to be thankful for what you do have every day. Don’t dwell on your problems. Instead, focus on the good things in your life that make you happy. You can start by making a list of things, people, or situations you are grateful for. Maybe you’re thankful for good health, a family member, or a pet. Maybe you’re grateful for necessities like a home cooked meal or a hot shower. Find what makes you happy and reflect on its positive aspects. Studies show that taking time to feel grateful can positively improve your overall attitude.

3. Think before you speak

Sometimes when we feel negatively, we react too quickly. If you’re in a bad mood, take time to think reasonably about your situation or feelings. Before you speak, take a few minutes to assess your situation before you make a negative comment you might regret later on. You can practice thinking before you speaking before you go to class. Think about whether most of the words you say are negative. Do you complain or sound angry? If the answer is yes, try practicing by taking a short pause before you say something. During this pause, refocus your words so they are positive. The more you practice being positive, the easier it will become. Pausing especially helps is you are judgmental towards others or have a hot temper.

4. Help others

Helping others can make you feel more positive towards others. It can also make you feel better about yourself. If you’re a student you may not have time for a volunteer position. However, you can take time out of your day to help people around you. Small acts of kindness can help uplift someone’s spirits and give you a sense of value. Some ways you can help others include:

  • Share class notes with classmates who were absent
  • Be a courteous driver (let someone pass into your lane)
  • Give positive feedback to teachers
  • Buy a treat for a friend from the vending machine
  • Ask classmates or friends how their evenings were (before or after class)
  • Give a compliment to a different person each day

5. Be your own cheerleader!

It’s important to also have a positive attitude towards yourself. If you think of yourself in a positive light, it could benefit the way you think about school. If you become too busy with schoolwork, you may forget to appreciate your own accomplishments. Take time and congratulate yourself on hard work or a good grade. Think about your successes and how far you’ve come in your learning. It’s great to feel proud of yourself!

Salter Nursing hopes you take advantage of all the ways you can stay positive. Not only can you build a positive environment for those around you, but you can also become a more productive and influential member of society. These skills will help you grow as a person. These tips can help you make the most out of your career training program.


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