5 Reasons Why Salter Nursing Loves Manchester, New Hampshire

Being part of this historic city makes us proud

salter nursing manchester new hampshire

Did you know that the denim from the original Levi’s jeans was manufactured in Manchester, New Hampshire, back in the late 1800’s? Or that Manchester was once home to the country’s largest cotton mill? The proud history of Manchester is one of the many reasons that the Salter School of Nursing and Allied Health is proud to be part of this notable city.

Check out some of the reasons why we love Manchester today:

Reason #1: Just 4 letters… L-E-G-O

If you haven’t seen the LEGO® Millyard Project, you are missing out! Housed at the SEE Science Center, it shows what the Amoskeag Millyard would have looked like 100 years ago. It contains about 3 million LEGO bricks and 8,000 mini figures. It is loved by adults and children alike. Find time to check out Manchester’s LEGO wonder!

Reason #2: The people

Manchester’s history is one of innovation and hard work. From the opening of the canal in the early 1800’s, this city built itself into a thriving manufacturing center. While the economy has changed, the spirit of the people has not. We admire the spirit of the people in Manchester, and we especially love getting to know all of our students.

Reason #3: The culture

Manchester has a lot of character, with historical and cultural sites tucked in the middle of a big city. The Currier Museum of Art, the Zimmerman House (designed by Frank Lloyd Wright), the ornate Palace Theater, and the New Hampshire Institute of Art are all signs of a city that values the arts. When you live here, you might forget to take advantage of your own city’s treasures, but next time you have a day off, try to take in some culture! If you find a free day to act like a tourist, try this fun list of Manchester’s best.

Reason #4: The nature

New Hampshire has some beautiful parks, and Manchester is no exception. If you need a break from the fast pace of the city, visit Lake Massabesic, Livingston Park, or take a tour of the Amoskeag Fishways and see the fish ladder. You’ve got to admire the salmon swimming upstream. That looks like hard work!

Reason #5: Being a part of the community

The Salter School of Nursing and Allied Health is proud to be located in Manchester. We want to contribute to the growth and success of Manchester by helping to prepare our students for meaningful careers in the field of nursing. Our three career-training programs are:

If you are thinking about a new career, consider stopping by to visit us at Salter Nursing. You can take a tour and talk with our representatives to see if a Salter Nursing education might be right for you.

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