5 Important Traits for Licensed Nursing Assistants

Find out if you’ve got what it takes

It takes a special kind of person to be a nursing assistant. Nursing assistants are healthcare professionals who work with patients to help them take care of their basic needs. If you are someone who feels satisfied when you are helping others, then you might have the right personality traits for this type of role.

What do nursing assistants do? Also called Nurses’ Aides, these professionals typically work in nursing homes and skilled care facilities where they assist the nursing staff in caring for patients and residents. They often help patients who can no longer handle their basic everyday needs, such as personal hygiene, getting dressed in the morning, or eating their meals. Nursing assistants play a vital role in their patients’ lives.

Here are some of the top traits you should have if you would like to become a nursing assistant or nurses’ aide:

1. Communication skills
Like in many healthcare roles, good communication skills are important for nursing assistants. Nursing assistants need to communicate with their patients about their health concerns, and they need to communicate with the healthcare team about what services a patient may need. In healthcare, poor communication can lead to dangerous mistakes. Good communication skills are important for the patients’ overall safety and care.

2. Compassion
In a career as a nursing assistant, you will be working with patients who are vulnerable. They may be sick, elderly, injured, or disabled, and may be facing end-of-life issues that are emotionally challenging. Having a sense of compassion and empathy for your patients is central to serving them in a kind and humanistic way.

3. Organization
Most nursing assistants will see many patients throughout the day. In this job, it’s important to keep your schedule organized so that you can attend to the different needs that arise throughout your shift.

4. Patience
Nursing assistants must work with a wide range of patients, and sometimes the demands of the job can be stressful, for instance, if a patient is moving slowly, getting agitated, or being rude. In all of these cases, it’s important to take a step back, breathe deeply, and keep your calm. Being impatient will only make the situation harder. Remember that you’re there to help the patients in their time of need, and your patience is a gift to them.

5. Strength and endurance
Nursing jobs require you to spend most of your shift on your feet. In addition, you should be prepared to handle some physical tasks, like moving or lifting patients. The physical demands of the job can help you stay in shape!

What do you think? Do your traits fit the bill? If you are interested in learning more about a nursing assistant career, try 5 Things to Know About Being a Nursing Assistant.

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