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5 FAQs to Know About Patient Care Technician Training and Careers

5 faqs patient care technician training program salter nursingLearn the facts about being a Patient Care Technician!

Healthcare careers can provide employees with many rewards. Many students choose training in healthcare fields because they enjoy interacting with others and helping patients who are ill, disabled, or elderly. They also like active fast-paced environments. Allied health workers can gain satisfaction and self-worth knowing they are helping others.

If you are interested in going back to school for training for these reasons, then you may want to consider a career as a Patient Care Technician (PCT). The title alone may make the job sound very technical or intimidating. But you may be surprised that training for this career can be completed in less than one year.

Salter Nursing offers potential students a Q&A guide to answer all your questions about this type of job so you can determine if it’s the right career path for you.

Q: What do Patient Care Technicians do?

A: Patient Care Technicians help patients of all ages and backgrounds. They bathe, feed, clothe, and assist in catheter care. Among their daily duties, they will distribute and administer patient care supplies. They will also monitor vital signs, read EKG monitors, and perform phlebotomy on patients when needed. It’s their job to ensure that patients’ needs are accommodated and that their environments are clean and prepared properly. Patient care technicians need to be able to give emotional support and understanding to patients and their families during times of hardship or grief.

Q: Where do Patient Care Technicians work?

A: Patient Care Technicians work in hospitals, doctors’ offices, and long-term healthcare facilities like nursing homes. In hospitals, they may have to go from room to room to care for patients. If more help is needed on another floor, you may be working in different healthcare units. In a doctor’s office, depending on its size, they may be able to care for one or a few patients at a time. In long-term healthcare facilities, you and other PCTs will be assisting several patients at once. Sometimes, you may share patients.

Q: What is a typical work day like for a Patient Care Technician?

A: Most Patient Care Technicians work full-time. Typical working hours vary depending on the healthcare employer. If you work in a long-term health facility or hospital, it is common to have an 8- or 12-hour shifts. Your schedule may include night and weekend shifts. Working in a doctor’s office can provide you with the opportunity for more convenient hours with typical schedules ranging from 9 a.m.to 5 p.m.

Q: What skills will I learn in a Patient Care Technician training program at Salter Nursing?

A: Salter Nursing offers students the opportunity to build upon their interpersonal and technical skill sets. In our PCT program, students take courses in nursing assistant practices along with phlebotomy, EKG, and computer training. Students can also take introductory courses in anatomy, physiology, and medical terminology. A range of professional issues focuses on the healthcare system, medical law and ethics, and patients’ rights and liability issues. You can also learn career development skills like how to write a resume.

Q: What are the benefits of becoming a Patient Care Technician?

A: One of the greatest rewards of the PCT job is that they can build lasting relationships with their patients. Every day, you can help others and be a part of a healthcare team! The rewards of building your professional skills and helping others can be endless.

If you’re compassionate person then becoming a Patient Care Technician may be the right career step for you. You don’t need any previous education to apply for our training program. All you need is a high school diploma or equivalent.

If you’re interested in becoming a patient care technician, contact Salter Nursing today for more information or to schedule a tour at our campus in Manchester, NH.