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20 Fun Things You Don't Want to Miss this Summer

Take time out of your busy schedule to enjoy all that summer offers

Summer is a special time of year. Back when we were kids, it was a time when school was out, ice cream stands were open, and the days felt endless. If you were lucky, you had a place to swim, a neighborhood to explore, and friends to play with. Who wouldn’t enjoy a time like that?

Flash forward to being an adult, and you may not be getting as much enjoyment out of summer any more. Are you just as busy as ever? Hiding in the air conditioning? Rushing around from one commitment to another? If so, then maybe it’s time to take a page from the kids in your neighborhood and find a little time for enjoyment. Here are some great ideas for putting a little fun back into your summer.

  1. Find a shady wooded trail and take a hike
  2. Brew a cup of coffee and wake up for the sunrise
  3. Text a friend from your childhood who you lost touch with
  4. Go to a free outdoor concert
  5. Find a waterfront and have a picnic
  6. Cut a large watermelon wedge all for yourself
  7. Go to a movie on a hot day
  8. Wait for the evening and catch fireflies
  9. Give yourself a technology-free day
  10. Try an unusual flavor of ice cream
  11. Experiment with a new kind of exercise each week
  12. Buy lemonade from a kid’s lemonade stand
  13. Check out the fireworks in your area
  14. Wear flip flops
  15. Invite new and old friends for a barbecue
  16. Make s’mores
  17. Read a book just for fun
  18. Find a farm where you can pick blueberries
  19. Get out your camera and watch a good sunset
  20. Take an afternoon nap in a hammock

If you make it through this list, you may be lucky enough to have a rejuvenating summer that reminds of the carefree days of childhood. Be sure to get started before those long summer days and nights are over!


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