10 Self-Improvement Tips that Really Work

Find your way to the “you” you want to be!

Do you want to become a better person? Are you always looking for ways to improve yourself? If so, then you are on the right track. Becoming the best version of ourselves is a “work in progress.” It’s a continuous process that goes on for our entire lives. We are constantly evolving and growing, and that’s the way it’s supposed to be. If you want to keep on improving, try these suggestions.

1. Be willing to accept change

For some people, change is one of the hardest things to accept. Just when you’ve figured out the way you like things to be, a big change comes along and it feels like your world is turned upside down. But rather than fighting it, try to accept that change is just a part of life. Be ready for change and open-minded to the new way. The more you open your mind to change, the more adaptable, flexible, and happy you can be.

2. When everything seems negative, look for the positive

Do you see the glass as half-full or half-empty? Looking for the positive in life is one way we can improve our perspective on life. It won’t make the negatives go away, but it can help you appreciate the things in life that are going right.

3. Always be learning

Learning is not just for school kids. Learning is something you can do every day of your life. Whether it’s taking college courses, getting career training, taking free courses online, or just learning a new recipe or a new word, there’s always something you can learn. Learning keeps your mind active and engaged in the world around you.

4. Avoid making excuses

All of us are bound to have set-backs or failures in our lives. It is sometimes tempting to make excuses or blame others when something goes wrong for you. But this can be counterproductive and keep you from reaching your goals. Instead, take responsibility for your life, and find ways to overcome your obstacles. You will be so proud you did.

5. Redirect your anger

In our everyday lives, we deal with other people all the time—family members, co-workers, friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, and spouses. Relationships can be rocky at times, and you can sometimes find yourself angry. If this happens to you a lot, it may be time to step back and look at your life. Anger is a negative emotion that can hold you back in life. Try to find ways to calm your emotions, communicate clearly, and channel your anger into something productive.

6. Listen

Are you a good listener? Do you know what’s going on in your friends’ lives? Or are you the one who does most of the talking? Listening is a great way to be a better friend. If you find that you do most of the talking, try a new strategy. The easiest way to get others talking is to simply ask them questions about themselves. Then sit back and listen to their responses, and you’ll be amazed at how much you learn.

7. Be a part of your community

With the rise of social media and smart phones, it seems like more and more people are constantly staring at their phones, lost in their own worlds. If you want to go against the tide and start building community again, here are some things you can do:

  • Help an older neighbor with a house chore
  • Chat with people while you’re waiting in line, instead of looking at your phone
  • Hold a donation drive for a charity
  • Volunteer for something in your community
  • Join a group on social media that’s devoted to something positive
  • Take a walk and say hello to your neighbors
  • Organize a neighborhood clean-up or a block picnic
  • Do some random acts of kindness

8. Be accepting of others

The world is a diverse place! There is so much to learn about other cultures, histories, languages, and customs. The more we can appreciate about others, and practice kindness and acceptance, the better off we will be.

9. Practice goal-setting

Do you feel like you’re stuck in a rut? Not growing enough? One way to combat this feeling is to practice goal-setting. Setting small, achievable goals for yourself can set you on a better path. You can feel purposeful about your life and proud of each goal you attain.

10. Make life-affirming choices

Every day you are faced with choices, both large and small. Whether it’s what to eat for breakfast, whether to look for a new job, or whether to spend the evening watching your favorite show, these choices all add up to a portrait of our lives. Be conscious of the choices you’re making and how they affect your life. The more you can make healthy, positive, life-affirming choices, the better you will feel about yourself.

With these 10 suggestions, we hope you are equipped with strategies to improve your life and keep working toward the best version of yourself that you can be!



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