10 Questions to Ask at a Job Interview

Be inquisitive about your career opportunity

Are you preparing for an upcoming job interview? Congratulate yourself on this exciting milestone in your professional life. An employer is interested in getting to know more about you!

A job interview is very important—and sometimes a nerve-wracking–step of the hiring process. Hiring managers arrange for interviews with you when they’re seriously considering you to fill the position. Interviews allow employers to gain a better sense of your experience, background, goals, and how you conduct yourself.

Interviews are when potential employers ask you specific questions about your future career goals, your skills, and education. You’ll want to come across as professional, so you need to rehearse your responses. An important part of the interview also requires you to ask questions of your own so you can get to know more about the job position and the facility where you may work. Prepare a list of pre-written questions so you know what to ask during your interview. When you’re prepared, you can show the employer that you care about the job prospect. Plus, you may come across as thoughtful, organized, or insightful.

Salter Nursing offers Career Services Department that helps students prepare for a job interview. Below is a list of questions you can use when you meet with your potential employer. Remember to rewrite the questions so they make sense for the specific job position. Beforehand, make sure to research the position, the employer, and even the organization’s history or mission statement online so you know what questions to ask. Don’t forget to bring along your resume and cover letter, too!

Here are ten interview questions to prepare:

  • What has made previous employees successful in this position?
  • Can you list the most important responsibilities for this job?
  • How is the department arranged? Who do I report to?
  • Will I know my schedule in advance? What days do you think I will work?
  • How long is a typical work shift? Will I be required to work overtime in this position?
  • Is on-the-job orientation and training offered?
  • How will I be evaluated?
  • Can you list the strengths and weakness of the facility?
  • Do you see the department progressing in the next five years?
  • What do people like about working here? What do you like about working here?

Carry this list of questions with you so that you can write down the answers to your questions. Plus, if you get nervous, you can refer back to the hard copy.

You can even add more questions to ask your potential employer. However, there are also questions you should never ask during a job interview. Some questions come off as disingenuous. If you ask questions about salary or vacation time, the hiring manager may think you want the position for the wrong reasons and it may make you come off as a devalued worker.

Here are six questions you should never ask during a job interview:

  • How much will I get paid in this position?
  • Are benefits offered?
  • Do I get paid vacation?
  • Can I get a promotion quickly?
  • How much time do I get off?
  • Do I get the job?

Restrain yourself from asking these questions so you can come off as sophisticated and professional. Once you’re offered the job, then you can negotiate contract specifics and ask about benefits and salary.

At Salter Nursing, we hope our career advice pays off! Using these questions as a guide can help you feel and be seen as prepared and responsible. We wish our students the best of luck in their future professions!

Salter School of Nursing & Allied Health features career advice and student tips in our weekly blog. Our Career Services Department helps prepare and connect students and recent graduates with local job opportunities. Learn more about our services and career training options. Reach out today to become part of Salter Nursing’s Manchester, New Hampshire community.

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